InterContinental Bunkering

Maritime Energy Products

Fuel & Gasoil

We supply all grades of Marine Fuel and Gas Oil worldwide either in accordance with the ISO standard, your own specific requirements or with the established standard at port of supply. 

Sustainable fuels / renewable energy

Available fuel types are constantly changing and evolving, from current oil based options like MGO, HSFO, and VLSFO, to next stage & transition fuels like HVO, LNG, LPG, and Ammonia, to fuels of tomorrow. InterContinental Bunkering is here to assist and inform you what grades are worldwide available.

Lub oil

InterContinental Bunkering can assist you with arranging lubricants worldwide for your vessel, either in the requested brand and specification or, if not available, an equivalent grade. Depending on your requirement, we offer supply both in bulk or drums for any quantities. Same as for bunkers, we can also provide you technical & operational support.