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One stop for all your worldwide bunker requirements

IBR has been established in 1981 and for more than 35 years specialized in bunkering on a global scale.
With a focus on local markets and circumstances, we are able to provide you with a solid solution for your bunker requirements.
We offer our services and support on a 365 days and 24/7 basis.

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Why choosing for Intercontinental Bunkering

24/7 at your service

Intercontinental Bunkering is always standby to help you with your enquiries and questions, no matter where you are or what time it is.  We provide daily updated market information.


Your trust is worth a lot to us. Intercontinental Bunkering will never betray your trust. Dealing with us means: a promise is a promise. We are fully independent which will assure we only have your best interest in mind. 

Benefits instead of costs

Working with us not only means we will give you our best price, it also means Intercontinental Bunkering will advise you in bunkerplanning, including possible cost effective alternatives.