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Bunkers are a major part of the daily expenses of a vessel. Where and when to bunker, taking into consideration quality, pricing, availability and possible alternatives, is a matter where Intercontinental Bunkering (IBR)  can assist you.

Intercontinental Bunkering was established May 1981 and is handling bunker enquiries on a world-wide basis. Credit lines were established with all majors, state-owned and independent oil companies from which Intercontinental Bunkering’s customers can benefit.

A network of direct bunker contacts, enables Intercontinental Bunkering to offer competitive prices for a full range of marine fuels from IFO 380 CST through to Marine Gasoil in ports and offshore bunker spots throughout the globe. Product is supplied by reputable suppliers.

The bunker market is a volatile market . Prices ,quality, availability, supply possibilities change almost every hour. Attentive to the needs of the bunker buyers, Intercontinental Bunkering is monitoring these changes and update their database daily. This information is available to their clients, providing them with the value-added marketing enhancements service they require.

Intercontinental Bunkering prime objective is to provide an efficient and personal service.
Prompt attendance, accurate and updated information comes as a standard for all Intercontinental Bunkering clients.

We offer

24/7 at your service

Intercontinental Bunkering is always standby to help you with your enquiries and questions, no matter where you are or what time it is.


Your trust is worth a lot to us. Intercontinental Bunkering will never betray your trust. Dealing with us means: a promise is a promise.

Benefits instead of costs

Working with us not only means we will give you our best price, it also means Intercontinental Bunkering will advise you in bunkerplanning, including possible cost effective alternatives.